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Weight Gain after marriage is very common, especially for couples who live together after marriage. There are a number of reasons for weight gain after marriage but some are very common and are main reasons as well. Some people say it a myth but weight increase has a lot to do with marriage. The reason is not the marriage but is the events that occur after marriage.

Reasons of Gaining Weight After Marriage:

  1. Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes have a major role in weight gain after marriage. Hormonal changes happen because of life style changes that come after marriage as well as because of sexual activities. Some people say it is a myth but hormones have a major role in weight gain after marriage.
  2. Change in Eating Habits: After marriage when girl start living with the partner then a lot of change comes in her eating habits, which includes the eating preferences, change in time of eating, ingredients of dishes, etc, etc. All these plays to gain the weight. Some couples show a lot of taking care for each other attitude and that comes with a lot of food serving and eating to make feel happy to partner. This leads to gaining weight after marriage.
  3. Eating Out: After marriage, people generally start going out for food. This makes them feel happy and they start eating more and starts eating junk food as well, which helps to gain weight more quickly. Eating more fats in food will increase the weight.
  4. Less Sleep: After marriage, it is very common to get less sleep. As most of the couples are working in these days, so they get time to spend with each other only in evening and night. So to enjoy the newly married life they tend to spend more time together which lefts less time for sleep. This increases the chances of gaining weight after marriage.
  5. Change in Routine: After marriage life changes a lot, especially for girls. As they have to start living in a new house with new people (if joint family). And she has to manage herself as well as her husband’s daily needs. She has to adjust to the new life style that comes with marriage which left less time for exercise. This also increases chances of weight gain after marriage. Happily married life increases the chances of weight gain more.

Stay tuned for tips to avoid weight gain after marriage !

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