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Am I Overweight?

You can find easily the chart for weight Vs Height on internet and in many medical stores as well as hospitals. Checking the weight regularly is a good habit and maintaining the right weight is much appreciated. Checking the weight with weight machine is the best way but you can judge about your overweight without this as well. Yes! Of course you can. We will share some simple tips by which you can know about am I overweight or not ?

Am I really overweight ?  Have a look on these simple tips to know about it.

  1. If you feel your clothes are getting tight day by day. Then you are on the way to get overweight very soon. Better to take care as early as possible.
  2. Checking your weight regularly is best way to know about it. If you find your weight is increasing regularly then don’t ignore it.
  3. If your friends start saying that you are looking fatty. Start thinking how to control it.
  4. If you feel pain in your knee and back regularly, think about it.
  5. You are feeling tired always and not even feeling energetic in fresh morning.
  6. Snoring in night is also considered as an indication of overweight.
  7. Waist size is best way to judge…. Am I overweight ?

Stay tuned for more tips about good health !

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