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Waxing !!

Getting waxed is very exciting for girls, because this makes skin smoother and hair free. Waxing is mainly done to get away from unwanted hair. Getting waxed is important but to know about things that need to taken care after waxing is even more important.

Here we will share what to do after waxing:

  1. Not to Exfoliate: Do not exfoliate the skin within the 24 hours from the waxing. After removing the unwanted hair with waxing, skin may get redness and etching, so it is not suggested to exfoliate the skin.
  2. Let it Heal: After waxing skin may get redness and etching (discomfort). So let it heal itself. Better to apply ice cubes wrapped in towel on the waxed area.
  3. Moisturize: Use moisturizer daily after waxing. This will make skin more smooth. Baby lotion can also be used. Baby oil is best to use for clean up residual wax. Now you Know what to do after waxing.
  4. No Sunbathe: Never take sunbathe for at least one day (12 hours)  after waxing. Avoid going in direct sun light for 2 days as much as possible. Going in direct sun light will increase the chances of redness to stay longer and increasing the etching. UV rays can harm the skin more.
  5. No Pool Party: Never take bath with chlorine water. In other words better to avoid the pool water. So never go for pool parties after waxing for next 2 days at least.

Stay tuned for more tips about what to do after waxing !

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