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Blackhead removal from Nose !! 

Removing the blackheads from nose or face is not an easy thing. Moreover once removed does not mean that it will never come again. For sure, these will come again & again. But you can avoid them up to much extend by taking care of your face – Yes ! you can avoid blackhead on nose or face.

Here we will discuss about blackhead removal from nose or face:

  1. Giving steam on your nose / face is the best way to get rid from blackheads. Use good quality steamer to take steam on your face / nose. Take steam for at-least 10 minutes to 15 minutes. And then pat dry your face with clean towel. This will help to loosen the blackheads and make them easier to remove. Before taking steam, make sure to wash your face with face wash.
  2. Honey Face Pack: Mix the honey and cinnamon to make the paste. Apply this paste in a thin layer on the nose (over the blackheads) then press a strip of cotton. Leave it for 5 minutes and remove it then. Rinse your face with.
  3. If the blackheads are not much deep then using the scrub will help to remove as well. Apply the scrub with fingers and rub on nose in circular motion. Don’t rub too hard but just gently rubbing is fine. Wash your face / nose after that. This will remove the blackheads. You can see a real difference after 1 week (do it 3 to 4 times in a week) of using scrub. Scrub is easy to use for blackhead removal from nose.

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