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Blackheads !!

Our Skin is producing oil, called Sebum, regularly and it is a natural process. This oil comes out from pores in the skin. When excessive oil (sebum) is produced by skin and comes in contact with the oxygen in the air then it oxidizes and turned black. This is called blackheads. If the pores are blocked and this excessive oil didn’t comes out then it turn into whiteheads. Both the things are bad and not liked by anyone. To look beautiful, you must have to take care of your skin.

Generally nose is more prone to blackheadsas compared to any other part of face.

You can avoid them by many ways, from taking care the skin by your daily routine to using the medicated products.

Here we will discuss the tips for Blackheads Removal and Prevention:

  1. There are many products available in market to remove the blackhead. Know your skin type and use the skin care products accordingly. Using wrong products will increase the skin problems including the blackheads.
  2. For oily skin its must to wash face with little warm water rather than cold. This will make the excessive oil to go away from skin, which is the main reason of blackhead.
  3. Use SCRUB daily in the evening after coming from work, college, etc. This will remove the pollution and dirt from face and make it clear.
  4. Never use soaps on face. Chemicals used in soaps may block the pores of skin, which can cause the whiteheads or blackheads on face. And it will make face skin dull.
  5. Cover the face with a peace of cloth while going out. This will avoid the skin to come into contact of pollution and dirt.
  6. Avoid the fried and oily foods to prevent the blackhead.
  7. Blackhead can never go overnight and there is no permanent solution to avoid them forever. So keep reminding the above mentioned tips to yourself for removal and prevention of blackheads.

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