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Refine your pores naturally

Beneath the skin there is skin gland called sebaceous gland. It is a small gland in the skin that secretes oily substance(Sebum) into the hair follicles or pores to lubricate skin and hair. Our exposure to external factors (dirt, make-up, pollution, oil-producing hormonal changes and dust), leads to clogging of pores. If the cores are clogged below the surface of skin, then they form whiteheads and if they are clogged on the skin surface, then they develop into blackheads.

So we need deep cleansing and refining of our pores naturally! Follow the below mentioned techniques for refining your pores:-

1. Use purifying face mask made from green clay to deep cleanse and refine the pores, bringing the skin back into balance.

2. Make it your routine to wash your face with lukewarm water at-least  after you have returned from a polluted area.

3. Make a paste of Yogurt and turmeric and apply that on your face before going to bed. Keep it for few minutes and wash it off and pat dry your face. This helps in removing extra dirt.

4. Mix sandalwood powder in water and apply this on your face. Leave it for 0-15 minutes and then wash it off and pat dry your face.

5.Use cleansing milk to clean your face before going to bed. This clears dirt and dust from your pores and reduces blackhead development.

6. Clean your face with rose-water, this gives freshness and cleans the dirt away!

Stay tuned for more beauty tips on refining your pores naturally!

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